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The Peruvian dining room is open only on Wednesdays. Please enjoy the lunch time that changes every week, sticking to the ingredients !!

El comedor peruano solo abre los miércoles. Por favor, disfruten de la hora del almuerzo que cambia cada semana, ¡¡ciñéndose a los ingredientes !!

ペルー食堂は毎週水曜日のみ営業しています。 食材にこだわり、週ごとに変わるランチタイムをお楽しみください!!

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About us

We will serve South American Peruvian cuisine at Daikanyama Suppage every Wednesday at lunchtime only.


We have been working to convey Peruvian cuisine that fascinates the world's cooks to many people.


We offer fragrant chili peppers native to Peru, superfoods such as quinoa and potatoes, using Peruvian original cooking methods.


We hope that you will enjoy the feeling of South America with Peruvian cuisine every Wednesday.




-Tomotaka Sakurada-


Attracted by Latin American food from Latin music, he encounters Peruvian cuisine, which is characterized by a wide variety of ingredients and cooking methods.


In 2019, we will open a Peruvian sandwich specialty store in Shinjuku, which is said to be the best breakfast in the world.


In addition to store management, we will collaborate with music events and restaurants nationwide to convey the deliciousness of Peruvian cuisine.

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